We all scream for….

What’s creamy , dreamy , delicious and a cure to all your problems ? It’s Ice cream! Growing up the only dessert that I would allow my mum to feed me was ice cream and a nutty rice pudding . But when it comes to creating this beautiful and heavenly dessert at home I am…

Lemon pepper chicken with fried rice

Fried rice :

Capsicum : 1 cup julienne
Carrots : 1/2 cup julienne
Cabbage : I cup julienne
Chicken ( optional ) : 1 cup cubed
Scallion : sliced ( 1 scallion)
Salt : to taste
Pepper : 1tbs
Soy sauce : 1tbs
Chilli sauce : 1tbs
Rice : 2cups ( par boiled )
Chicken stalk : 1/2 cup
Egg : 1 ( scrambled and fried )
Oil: 3tbs
Garlic : 2 cloves minced or finely chopped

Method :

– heat oil in the pan and add in your garlic and sauté it .
– Now add chicken and let it cook until it’s cooked thoroughly
– Add capsicum , carrots and cabbage and let them cook until they become a bit soft
– Now add in your rice and let them fry and stir them around
– Add in your chicken stock and all the seasoning and mix well .
– Add the egg and mix and put the lid on to the pan and turn the heat to the lowest setting and let the rice steam for a 5 minutes .
– Dish out and put the sliced scallions on the top .

Lemon and pepper chicken

Chicken – 1fillet ( cubed )
Salt : to taste
Pepper : 2tbs
Chilli flakes : 2tbs
Soy sauce : 2tbs
Chilli sauce 2tbs
Ginger powder : 1tbs
Garlic : 2tbs ( minced )
Lemon zest : 2tbs
Lemon juice :1/4th cup
Corn flour : 1cup
Egg : 1
Oil : 4tbs
Capsicum : 1 Julienne
Chicken stock : 1cup
Sugar : 1tbs

Method :

– take a bowl and add your cubes chicken in it . Throw in a spoon of salt , pepper , soy sauce , chilli sauce , lemon juice , ginger powder and garlic paste and let it sit for about 30minutes .
– When it’s done marinating coat each chicken cube with egg and then corn flour and fry it until golden in a separate frying pan .
– Now in another pan add 4tbs oil , garlic and peppers and sauté them , then add in the chicken stock and sugar and lemon zest
– Let it cook for about a minute and then add in salt , pepper , chilli flakes , soy sauce and chilli sauce
– In a separate cup take 2tbs of corn flour and dissolve it in 5tbs of water and make a paste and stir it into the gravy .
– Once it thickens , pop in your already fried chicken into it and cook for a few minute .
– Then take it off the heat and serve with fried rice and garnish with scallions and serve

Braided bread

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The Perfect fry

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Braided Pastry

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Gulab Jamun

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